The Bold Blonde Mullet Wig Beanie


A Dolly-inspired retro original mullet wig turned up to 11! All the fabulous blonde tones- gold, yellow, cream, lavender and white, in a ritzy, glitzy, unique handmade crochet wig beanie…

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The Bold Blonde features the strongest of blonde tones- yellows from daffodil to ochre to gold to cream, russets to oranges to off whites, sparkly pure whites, all accented with touches of lavender and sparkly glitz.

And the style itself is your classic ‘Dolly Parton inspired’ mullet turned up to eleven! The ‘hair’ strands of yarn are tied in with greater density, and the back is a little longer than most of my crochet wigs.

At the front, it’s all business, as for most mullets, with a shorter fringe in pure whites, which shades through pale creams and yellows over the crown to the long and strong back section with all the deep and bright warm tones- lively saffronss, rust, bright burnt oranges and mauves.

Please bear in mind that purple can display as blue on some screens- there is no blue in this wig.

In length, it falls to just below the wearer’s bra strap, about the middle of their back, depending on their height. The crown section is extra full and has loads of volume.

The colour scheme is simply striking, and should coordinate with lots of outfits, from jeans and tshirt to evening wear. Those oranges and yellows would look superb with a blue or purple outfit… And of course it is also super warm.

The beanie base of this loud and fun wig is beautifully soft, non-scratchy and, in keeping with the retro mullet theme, is made from fuzzy, yellow,12 ply ‘Capricorn’ yarn, which has been carefully stored since the 1970’s and never before used. The 12 ply yarn of the beanie base is thick and substantial, so quite strong to support the ‘hair’. The hair itself is made from yarns of various weights, from 4ply up to super chunky.

The base is not shaped like your traditional beanie, but more like a wig, with a little extra room in the crown for the wearer to tuck their hair up inside. The fluffy, yellow edging yarn, slightly snugger than the rows above, should help to keep it secure, although it balances well.

It supports hundreds and hundreds (probably thousands!) of different, multicoloured strands of yarn, each individually knotted into place by hand. Yes, these take some time to make! Those ‘hair strands’ are made of a huge variety of different coloured and textured natural and synthetic yarns.

The Bold Blonde is large in size, best suited to warm and enliven a cranium of between 58cm/22.5” to 62cm/23.5” approximately.

The Bold Blonde was designed, crocheted and knotted by myself. No patterns were harmed, or even used in its making. It is quite robust, and should give its owner years of enjoyable wear so long as it is washed and cared for appropriately (as for a natural fibre garment).

It is made from a huge and eclectic collection of natural and synthetic fibres including pure Australian wool, mohair and alpaca, along with synthetic sparkly, eyelash, feathers and assorted designer yarns. Please handwash and rinse it in lukewarm water, then roll in a towel to gently squeeze out excess moisture, and dry flat. Please do not bleach, machine wash or tumble dry. It can be trimmed and styled like other wigs- just please use your fingers or a very wide toothed comb so as not to damage the yarn ‘hair’.

I use Australia Post and usually send out parcels within 24 hours, except on weekends, because the local post office is closed Saturday and Sunday. Shipping to the US/UK should take about a week to ten days, but unfortunately shipping delays can happen sometimes. If that’s the case, let me know and I can follow up the parcel’s progress from this end and keep buyers informed.

At present I am sending parcels within Australia by Express post to make sure they arrive as soon as possible. Buyers will have a tracking number so they can follow their parcel’s progress, so long as the postal service in their country allows it. Tracking numbers will be sent as soon as I post the parcel.

If you have any questions about this hat, or would like to request a custom order, our contact details page is here, or please use the form below to contact us.

This wig is also listed on my etsy shop here.

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