The Beaut Bluegum handmade crochet fingerless mitts


Warm, wearable, well-shaped works of Art for your hands! These eucalypt-inspired fingerless mitts are warm, soft, and stylish.

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Tall eucalypts, swaying in the sclerophyll forest here, their leaves dappling the trunks and understorey, inspired these warm, eminently-wearable and unique fingerless mittens. Rich browns, from chestnut to chocolate, through teal, cerulean and royal blues, accented with touches of cream and muted ochre, evoke cosy images of branches flickering across summer skies.

Four variegated russet and teal bobbles across the knuckles allow a little extra room for movement, not to mention a little extra padding for those moments when one just needs to punch something…

Bold tapestry crochet zigzags feature on the hand sections, with bracelet-like bands of 3D bobbles, berry stitch and cables decorate the wrist areas. Fuzzy blue eyelash yarn forms bands of faux fur at the upper arm, and every edge- at knuckles, thumbs and arms- has a border row of robust but fluffy designer ‘Medley’ yarn (eyelash yarn plied with puffball yarn).

These mitts are carefully shaped in every single row, to fit comfortably. The Beaut Bluegum fingerless mitts are medium in size, and should fit a wearer with up to the following measurements;
Circumference of wrist 20cm/8
Circumference of hand around knuckles 20cm/8”
They measure 15cm/6” from the wrist to the upper arm edge, and 30cm/11.5” overall.

I like my mitts to be quite snug at first, as they will ‘give’ slightly (perhaps 1cm in circumference) with wear.

These mitts are unique and original pieces of wearable Art, designed and robustly crocheted by myself. No patterns were harmed, or even used in their making. They should give their new owner years of warm wear, provided they are washed carefully.

They are made from an eclectic collection of natural and synthetic fibres. Please handwash and rinse in lukewarm water, then roll in a towel to gently squeeze out excess moisture, and dry flat. Do not machine wash or tumble dry.

I use Australia Post and usually send out parcels within 24 hours, except on weekends, because the local post office is closed Saturday and Sunday. Shipping to the US/UK should take about a week to ten days, but unfortunately shipping delays can happen sometimes. If that’s the case, let me know and I can follow up the parcel’s progress from this end and keep buyers informed.

At present I’m using Express post for parcels sent to destinations within Australis to ensure they arrive as fast as possible.

If you would like to ask any questions about these lovely mitts, or to order your own piece of wearable art, please contact us here or by using the form below.

These mitts are also listed in our etsy shop here.

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