Sandi the Handy Dragon Beanie


Sandi is a cute and helpful, poseable dragon who likes to hang out on human heads and hold their Stuff… like spectacles, or paintbrushes. She also has a hidden pocket inside her sprung neck.

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Sandi is a fully pose-able, crocheted character hat, who likes to hold smallish things in her hands to assist her wearer. She also has a little secret… There is space inside her neck to keep little objects safely out of sight! Her tail, neck, legs, arms and fingers are all individually wired, so she can grasp all sorts of things* and assume various positions.

Sandi is an Australian frill-necked dragon- perhaps an ancestor of our iconic modern lizards? Her frill is ‘spiked’ with little crochet picots. She also has little hand sewn black nostrils. Her ear to ear grin (if she had external ears, that is) and cheery expression suggests that she is in possession of a hidden hoard.

Her eyes are genuine ‘Dark Side’ safety eyes, which are hand painted by an artist in the UK. They sparkle and twinkle in the light, and seem to follow you around the room. Her body colouration is a bright cerulean or sky blue base with several shades of green patches, bright green back ridge and other accents, and a yellow underbelly.

Teeny tiny, seemingly-vestigial wings sprout from her shoulders. Don’t be fooled though, everyone knows dragons are magic… so while engineering equations might suggest that those wings couldn’t really support her weight in the air, well, you never know with dragons!

Her neck is wired in a spring fashion with loops of millinery wire, so that her head and neck will move with the wearer’s movements. At the opposite end, she has a nicely rounded rump, with a defined buttock cleft.

Sandi ‘sits’ on a band of dark teal rib crochet, which is slightly stretchy to keep her snug around the wearer’s noggin. Her head, extremities and limbs are all padded with synthetic fill to keep them pleasingly plump.

She is sized to cuddle and enliven a medium to large sized cranium of between about 55cm/21.5” to 60cm/23”.

Sandi is a unique, individual piece of wearable Art headgear, designed and crocheted by myself. No patterns were harmed, or even used in her making. She is quite robustly constructed and with a little care, should give her wearer years of fun.

Sandi is made from synthetic fibres and is suitable for vegans. She doesn’t mind a bath, but please handwash and rinse her gently in lukewarm water, then roll her in a towel to gently squeeze out excess moisture, and lay her on his tummy to dry flat-tish. Do not bleach, machine wash or tumble dry him.

*The paintbrushes which she is holding in the photos are mine, when I persuade her to give them back (!) and will not be going with her to her new home.

If you would like your own handy dragon, perhaps in a different colour or size, please use the form below to contact me.

Sandi also appears in my etsy shop here.

Thanks for looking!

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