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Sassy is a fabulous crochet squid stocking cap with a squiddy sparkle in her boggly eyes. She also has ten hidden pockets in her tentacles and arms, and can also hold larger objects inside her long body.

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Sassy is a handy and helpful squid hat, who just likes to hang out on top of humans. Yes, Sassy is useful as well as cute. Each of her tentacles is a hidden pocket, while her body can hold larger items, like a light lunch, jumper or jacket.

Her colouration is green, brown and blue- primarily green at the front and muted rust brown at the back. Her front and back are symmetrically patterned with little patches of contrasting green, brown and blue, while her tentacles and arms are striped in the same tones. The inner side of her tentacles and arms is a pretty, light, sky blue with cream bobble stitch ‘suckers’.

Like most squid, Sassy has eight tentacles and two arms. The tentacles have suckers all the way along (as for most squid), while the two arms are a little narrower in width, and only have suckers at their tips, where they widen out (again, as for most squid). Her tentacles and arms appear to squirm, wriggle and writhe because of the techniques used in crocheting them- they are made to twist and turn when worn.

Sassy has a typically long, squiddy body, which, when worn as a hat, will appear like the tapering tail of a stocking cap. She could also be used as a decorative soft sculpture. I’m sure she would love to hold a fellow fibre artist’s yarns, for example. I have shown her in some of the photos with a few plastic bags placed inside her body to give an idea of her shape, size and what she looks like when ‘minding’ items for her owner.

She consists of some really lovely, non-scratchy, natural-fibre yarns. She is crocheted from beautifully soft, pure Australian wool and slightly shiny wool-acrylic mix.

Her boggly eyeballs are have a fine yarn plied with tiny silver sequins to give that extra, undersea sparkle, or perhaps a mischievous, sassy glint. They are padded with washable, synthetic polyfill- the kind used to fill pillows and soft toys.

Sassy the Squid should easily snuggle around and enliven most sizes of noggin up to extra large- 61cm/23.5”.

She is presently on exhibition at Dungog Arts Society, Dowling Street Dungog, so I will need to pick her up from there before posting her to the purchaser. Since I’ll also be posting her from Dungog, and the Arts Society is on my way to the post office, that shouldn’t add much, if any delay to the shipping time.

Sassy is a unique piece of wearable Art headgear, crocheted by myself, using high quality, durable yarns. No patterns were harmed, or even used at all, in her making. She should give her owner many, many years of warm wear, providing she is cared for appropriately.

Sassy doesn’t mind a bath, but no hot water, please! Handwash and rinse her gently in lukewarm water, then roll her in a towel to gently squeeze out excess moisture, and dry her flat. Do not bleach, machine wash or tumble dry her.

Shipping- I use Australia Post and usually send out parcels within 24 hours, except on weekends and public holidays, when the local post office is closed. Shipping to the US/UK should take about ten days, but unfortunately shipping delays can happen sometimes. If that’s the case, let me know and I can follow up the parcel’s progress from this end and keep buyers informed.

Tracking- Most parcels will ship with tracking, where destinations allow for tracking (Aus, USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand and many others do).

Australians- at present I’m posting all hats by express post to ensure they arrive quickly and can be tracked.

This hat is also listed in our etsy shop here.

If you would like to request your own, custom made crochet squid hat, please use the form below to contact us, or there are more ways to contact us here.

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