About Cerublu Studio

Conflagration Cape- Crochet'Cerublu' is a contraction of the two words 'cerulean' and 'blue'. Cerulean blue is a technical name for an artists' colour which is close to a bright, sky blue. It is also Lisa's favourite colour, so when she needed a name for her new etsy shop in 2006, 'Cerublu Studio' was born.

Cerublu is pronounced, 'ser-OO-bloo'. Easy when you know how! Incidentally, the etsy shop is still there. If you`re interested in checking out some of Lisa`s older crochet, and some of her mother Lorraine's knitting and crochet, take a look at the `Sold Items` on that page.

After ten years of selling on etsy and at pop-up venues like the Hunter Arts Network Art Bazaars, the duo decided to open a bricks and mortar shop in their nearest town, Dungog, where they branched out, offering a wide range of their own work as well as pieces by other Hunter Valley artists. After several years in Dungog, Cerublu Studio moved to Campbell’s Store in Morpeth.

Now, given current events, they’ve returned to selling online. So you’ll find most things they make in the new online shop here.

This website is still growing. New information is still being added, and items will continue to appear in the shop as they are made and photographed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes! We use Australia Post for shipping in and outside Australia. There are various options for shipping, depending on location, and you should be able to select your preferred type before checkout.

As a very approximate guide, most of Lisa's hats cost about $10 (Australian) to ship within Australia and about $20 (Australian) to ship to the US or UK.

Usually it takes about a week to ten days for such a parcel to reach the US or UK, but that may vary at the moment. If you would like us to double check either shipping costs or times with our friendly, local Post Office people, please contact us.

Does your shop show costs in Australian dollars?

Yes. We live in Australia, so prices quoted in our shop are in Australian dollars.

Do you take commissions or custom orders?

SpecosaurusYes, absolutely. Lisa and Lorraine are both available to make special items by request. No idea is too wild! After all, we're the people who brought you the Specosaurus (the glasses-holding dinosaur hat), the scart and the scood.

So please contact us to discuss your ideas and get a quote.

How do I measure my head to order a hat?

Take a tape measure or piece of string or yarn (if you don't have a tape) and run it around your head at forehead level and just above your ears. Then read off the measurement, or measure the length of the string or yarn with a ruler.
As a very rough rule of thumb, the average size of an Australian woman's head is 56cm and the average Australian man's head measures 57cm. In practice we've met very few craniums larger than 60cm. And children have surprisingly large heads! From around age nine or ten, their heads are close to adult size.

What are your refunds and returns policies?

Our refunds and returns policies are in line with Australian Consumer Law. You can read them here. But in short, we want our customers to love their purchases. So we do our best to make sure that they have a great experience when shopping with Cerublu.

Basically, you have a guarantee that any item you purchase from us will work and do what we claim it will, or we will refund the cost or replace it. However, swimwear and face masks are exempt from these conditions because of health concerns.

What are your delivery and shipping policies?

We use Australia Post and items are posted within one working day of purchase. We will ship items to most destinations worldwide- that is only limited by availability of postal services, not all destinations are accepting parcels at present due to the pandemic.
We do ship to PO boxes and customers are welcome to pick up their items in person.
To view more detail on this info, please go to our delivery and shipping policies page.