‘Frank’ the Fluoro Octopus Hat and Luggage


Frank is a bright and fun octopus hat who likes to carry Stuff for his wearer.

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Frank is a handsome, handy octopus hat, with his bold blue eyes and vibrant fluoro colouration. He is excellent at warming the cranium, and he can also carry stuff for his wearer- a light jacket in his head, for example. Plus small items like pens or paintbrushes- each tentacle is a hidden, long, narrow pocket.

He is super-vivid in colour and looks fantastic under lights. The orange, green, mauve and pink variegated yarn which makes up his head and mantle is set off by stripes of plain-coloured yarns in matching tones on his tentacles, and he is completely edged in a brighter, stronger orange. His eyes are a pretty, mid-tone blue, accented by bright orange, slitted pupils.

Frank is medium in size, best suited to embrace a noggin of up to 59cm/22.5”. His tentacles are approximately 30cm/12” long.

He is a unique, individual piece of wearable Art, designed and crocheted by myself. No patterns were harmed, or even used in his making. His head and mantle are plain crochet, while his suckers were crocheted using entarsia and bobble stitches.

Frank is suitable for vegans. He is made from entirely from synthetic yarns, and the padding in his eyeballs is synthetic fill. He is washable- in fact he quite likes a swim, but not in hot water! Please handwash and rinse him in lukewarm water, then roll in a towel to gently squeeze out excess moisture, and dry flat. Do not machine wash or tumble dry him.

I use Australia Post and usually send out parcels within 24 hours, except on weekends, because the post office is closed Saturday and Sunday. Shipping to the US/UK should take about a week to ten days, but unfortunately shipping delays can happen sometimes. If that’s the case, let me know and I can follow up the parcel’s progress from this end and keep buyers informed. Where possible, I’m using express/priority shipping etc. (at no cost to customers) for the most reliable delivery.

Australians- I’m presently using Express shipping within Australia to do my best to get parcels delivered as fast as possible.

If you would like your own special octopus hat, perhaps in a different size or colour scheme, our contact details page is here, or there is a form below.

Frank is also listed in my etsy shop here.

Thanks for looking!

Additional information

Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 2 cm

Medium (up to 57cm/22.5")


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