The Tall Topper Vegan Bendy Crochet Top Hat


Seussian or steampunk? Gothic or Wonderland-esque? This poseable, bendy top hat straddles several style categories.

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The Tall Topper crochet top hat would be equally appropriate at a Wonderland-themed tea party, a Seussian soiree or a steampunk brunch, because this is a hat for many occasions! It can be worn in a huge variety of ways to suit the wearer’s moods or to match an Outfit.

In colour, the topper is frankly loud! The most vivid scarlet-red at the brim shades to crimson, tomato then maroon and burgundy at the top. It is striped with black all over, with the horizontal stripes quite narrow at the centre of the crown, and increasing in size until they reach the sides, where they are of uniform width. The ‘hat band’ (actually part of the hat) is crocheted in cobalt blue, with sky blue bobble ‘studs’ spaced around it at regular intervals.

It is wired where the crown meets the sides and around the edge of the brim. These can be kept round and even or bent into all sorts of wonky and wondrous shapes. There is also a wire at the centre back. This can either keep the Tall Topper standing straight, or squished down, or rakishly tilted to the side.

All the wires are high quality milliners’ wire of a strong gauge (not your flimsy hobby-supermarket-type wire). It does not rust and is wound with cotton thread. To ensure that the hat is comfortable to wear and the white coating does not show, I have sewn another layer of padding around the wire, in the form of black lycra. Each of these padded-wire assemblies is hidden inside its own, narrow crochet ‘pocket’ inside the hat, except for the brim wire, which is encased inside the hem itself.

The Tall Topper is small to medium in size, best suited to warm and enliven a cranium of up to about 56cm/22”. (To give some context to that size, 56cm/22” is the ‘average’ head circumference for an adult woman, so this should fit children, teens and adults with small to medium noggins. It will fit a 22” head, and possibly a smidgeon larger.)

The Tall Topper was totally designed and hand made by myself. No patterns were harmed, or even used in its making. It is quite robust, and should give its owner years of enjoyable wear so long as it is washed and cared for appropriately.

It is made from synthetic fibres, so is suitable for vegans. It is made only from acrylic yarns, high quality, cotton-wrapped millinery wire and lycra padding over the wire. Please handwash and rinse it, then roll in a towel to gently squeeze out excess moisture, and dry flat-tish. Please do not bleach, machine wash or tumble dry.

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If you have any questions about this hat, or would like to request a custom order, our contact details page is here, or please use the form below to contact us.

This hat is also listed on my etsy shop.

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