Lighted long tailed stocking cap, Lightning Night


This fun and fabulous long tailed stocking cap features bright LED lights worked into the tail!

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Never lose your scarf again with this soft and cute long tailed stocking cap! In fact, forget losing your hat at night, either. This fabulous crochet creation features a set of battery operated lights worked into its tail!

The hat, with its long, swishing tail- perfect to wrap around the wearer’s neck for extra warmth- has little LED lights, operated by a battery pack in the top spheroid of the tail. That long, spheroided tail measures approximately 132cm/52” overall (that includes the luxuriantly thick, fluffy tassel of 17cm/7” with its 13cm/5” long, handtwisted cord).

The lights are a warm white/yellowish tone and can be switched to either constant glow or blink, using a toggle switch on the battery pack. They run on three, AA batteries.

The hat itself is beautifully soft, and primarily lovely natural fibres, including softest Australian wool, mohair and touches of alpaca and angora- both pure fibres and mixes. There are synthetic fibres, both mixed with the natural fibres, and as the fluffy feature eyelash and feathers yarns.

The colours are those of an evening sky, flickering with lightning around the horizons- blues, from baby blue to royal and navy, assorted purples, and yellows, golds and ochres. The entire piece is lightly touched with silvery glitz, so that the lights appear to sparkle and dance against the darker background.

A broad band of super soft purple, ochre, blue and silver fluffy yarn accents the lower crown section, and a single row of very soft designer yarn completes the edge and helps to keep the hat secure.

Overall, the stocking cap features a broad variety of crochet stitches and techniques, from complex entarsia/tapestry crochet, and surface crochet, to 3D crochet cables, bobbles, puff and berry stitches.

Lightning Night is medium-to-large in size, best suited to snuggle around and enliven a noggin of up to 59cm/23.5”.

This hat is absolutely unique. It was designed and crocheted by myself, and this manner and concept of crocheting lights into a hat tail are my own, original ideas. No patterns were harmed, or even used in its making.

The battery pack is hidden inside the topmost spheroid in the tail, which also has a drawstring to help keep it secure. The hat balances quite well, since the weight of the pack is at the centre-top.

Because of the electronics, it should not be washed.

This hat is presently on show in the window of Gallery on Dowling as part of my Wild Windows of Whimsy exhibition. It will be shipped or handed over in person to the new owner on or after the show finishes, on the 7th of December- unless they really need it. In that case, please ask me.

If you have any questions about this hat, or to request a special hat, please contact me or use the form below.

Thanks for looking!

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