Spooky Moon Scart or hat, scarf and bag combo in black and white


Big eyed spectres dance in the glittering white fog under all the phases of the moon in this Halloween themed fun and fuzzy scart or hat, scarf, bag combo…

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Bug-eyed, stylised ghosts on a midnight black background, emerging from a shimmering white fog under all the phases of the moon feature on the crown of this ‘scart’, or hat, scarf and bag combo. The ghosts are made in grey tapestry crochet with three dimensional bobble stitches in variegated black/silver/white designer yarn to give their eyes that eerie ‘follow you everywhere’ quality.

In fact the whole scart, in black, white and grey, boasts quite a lot of sparkle in the form of different types of sparkly yarns. The ghosts’ eyes, the fluffy white ‘fog’ band around the lower crown, the moon phase bobbles at the top, the silver ‘stratosphere’ yarn at the very top edge, the entire edging row, and the zigzags and bobbles along the scarf edges, all of these are glitzy, with tiny circular and oval silver sequins, metallic lurex-type yarns and sparkly eyelash yarns.

The black background yarn is a beautifully soft, slightly fuzzy, black, pure Australian brushed wool, against which the dove grey mohair-mix ghosts really pop.

The moon phase bobbles appear around the top of that black background yarn. At the centre front there are two full moon bobbles, flanked by three-quarter waxing and waning moons, which progress to half moons at the sides and on, through quarter moons to dark moons at the centre back.

The entire scart is edged in one row of black eyelash yarn and another of variegated black/grey eyelash yarn crocheted together with a sparkly, fluffy puffballed variegated blac/grey designer yarn.

From each of the crown’s sides luxuriant, slightly sparkly, white tassels of 12cm/5” dance from black, hand twisted cords of 6cm/2.5”. These cords sprout from circular bases which are accented with grey sequinned yarns.

The two scarf ends broaden out like bell bottoms at their lower ends. They both measure 76cm/30” in length. Their soft, black, white and grey fringes measure approximately 20cm/8”.

The Spooky Moon scart is sized to snuggle around most craniums up to around 59cm/23”. Please handwash it in lukewarm water, roll in a towel to gently squeeze out excess moisture, then dry flat. Do not machine wash or tumble dry.

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If you like this hat, but it’s not the right size for you, or you’d prefer another colour scheme, or perhaps you have some ideas to add… please contact me, or use the form below- I’m always delighted to fulfill custom orders.

This hat is also available on my etsy shop.

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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 2 cm
Colour Scheme

Black, white and grey


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