The Red Rascal Poseable Boggle Eyed Crochet Beanie


A cheeky and vibrant little noggin warmer! The Red Rascal has poseable eyestalks so his eyeballs can be positioned to suit his wearer’s moods.

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The Red Rascal is a cheeky and vibrant little noggin-warmer! High vis green boggly eyes on stalks with black-and-fluoro-tangerine pupils, sprout from the crown of this stunningly soft, light and warm beanie. Reds, from vivid crimson, through carmines, tomatoes, scarlets and burgundies, are accented with narrow, yellow zigzags and sparkly black bobbles.

The eyeball stalks are wired, to allow them to be pose-able, according to the wearer’s mood. The rear of each eyeball features a ‘mini-mane’ of (appropriately!) eyelash yarn.

Tapestry crochet techniques are used to give the crown’s zigzag motif, featuring slightly sparkly black bobbles around the base. More fluffy red eyelash yarn forms the soft, snuggly band around the hat, which is edged in a deep red silk designer yarn.

The Red Rascal is medium in size, best suited to cuddle and adorn a cranium of between around 55cm/21.5” to 58cm/22.5” (with a bit of leeway either side).

This hat is a unique, structurally-sound piece of wearable Art headgear, designed and made by myself. No patterns were harmed, or even used in its making.

The Rascal is made from an eclectic collection of natural and synthetic fibres- predominantly exquisite, non-scratchy, Australian wool, edged with synthetic yarns, but it also contains silk, possum fibre, mohair and alpaca. The eyeballs and their stalks are padded with washable synthetic fill.

Please handwash and rinse it in lukewarm water (woolwash is recommended), then roll in a towel to gently squeeze out excess moisture, and dry flat. Do not machine wash or tumble dry.

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The Red Rascal is also listed in my etsy shop here.

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