Rainbow Fountains Lighted Scart or hat, scarf, bag combo


Brighten your cranium with this fabulous, flashing rainbow coloured piece of wearable art for your head!

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All the colours of the rainbow cavort across the flashing lights worked into this vibrant and soft crochet hat! A base of baby pink has all the colours of the spectrum plied with it, reflecting the multi coloured lights that sprout from the crown.

Bundles of fibres shaped like spouting fountains were crocheted into the hat. The lights strobe in order and randomly and are very bright- they put on a great show. Imagine having your own personal light show on your head!

A hidden pocket at the back, high on the head conceals the control pack which holds three AA batteries to power the light show. It can easily by turned on and off by reaching into the pocket and flicking a switch.

This unique piece of wearable art headgear is fabulously coloured, fun and functional. It can be worn as a hat, with or without the scarf-ends knotted or wrapped around the wearer’s neck, or it can be turned upside-down with the scarf ends knotted together, when it transforms into a handy tote bag. Out shopping and forgot your bag? The Rainbow Fountains scart turns into a useful tote in seconds.

The yarns in this scart are simply lovely- the main yarns in the crown and scarf ends are the softest, silky Australian merino mixed with a little synthetic for sheen. Similarly, the accent yarns are from my vintage yarn collection. I estimate that this scart is about 90 percent pure, non-scratchy wool.

The photos just don’t do justice to the richness and harmony of the colours, the sheen of the entire piece or the little sparkling accents. And that’s without the lights!

Variegated feathers yarn forms a fuzzy band around the hat’s lower crown section. The entire piece is edged with a row of variegated designer yarn.

The scarf ends measure 76cm/30” in length. Their soft, multi-coloured fringes measure approximately 18cm/7”.

Rainbow Fountains is sized to snuggle around most craniums- up to around 61cm/23.5”. I would not recommend washing it, because of the electronics for the flashing lights.

Thanks for looking!

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Dimensions 15 × 12 × 4 cm


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