FFF Fingerless Mitts Crochet PATTERN Digital Download


Crochet pattern for you to make the fabulous Triple F Fingerless Mitts. This is a digital download in pdf format, not a physical product.

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This pattern is written in English. US and UK terminology versions are both included in this download- two files.

These fun, functional, fitted (FFF!) mitts feature simple-but-striking two-tone colourwork and bold ‘bracelets’ of 3D stitches. They’re a great way to use up ends of yarn, and are worked in the round by making shaped tubes for the hands and arms. The thumb sections are then crocheted onto the tubes, and finally, fuzzy edging is added. That means they fit the shape of their wearer’s arms and the thumb ‘sleeves’ help keep them snugly in place.

They are suitable for men or women- using a heavier weight yarn and a larger hook will produce larger mitts. A photo of a pair of men’s mitts is included.

Instructions are also included for special stitches, including the augmented bobbles, berry stitch and colourwork. Photos show details of special stitches and colourwork techniques, as well as the original pattern and variations.

I love creativity! These mitts can be made in many permutations. Suggestions are made for making variations on difficulty, sizing and design, to make the mitts larger/smaller, more/less complex, longer/shorter. There are also ideas for avoiding that pesky fuzzy yarn- Bane of Many Crocheters’ Existence- and how to conquer it with confidence!

Size- Medium to Large, Australian size 9. Options like adding/subtracting stitches/sections/colours are included to make the mitts larger/smaller, shorter/longer.

  • up to 7.5”/19cm wrist circumference

  • 8.33”/22cm knuckles circumference

  • 11”/28cm upper arm circumference

  • 11.5”/29cm overall length

These mitts are a fabulous project for using up odds and ends of yarn, but all the plain-textured yarns should all be the same DK/8ply weight. Can be made in natural, synthetic or a combination of both fibres.

Total of 15 yarns- 11 plain and 4 fluffy textured, approx 5oz/135g in total. Approx 3oz/85g plain yarns and 2oz/50g fluffy yarns. However, they could be made in as little as two different yarns, which also reduces the difficulty.


US- 18 double x 10 double rows= 4” x 4” or 10cm x 10cm

UK- 18 treble x 10 treble rows= 4” x 4” or 10cm x 10cm

Skill Level- Easy, Intermediate, Advanced- These mitts, without suggested variations, are suitable for intermediate crocheters. They include special 3D stitches, 2-strand colourwork and increasing and decreasing. It is possible to make easier versions with less fancy stitches and no colourwork or fuzzy yarns, or more complex versions- suggestions are made in the tips section.

They have been thoroughly tested and the pattern carefully edited, but any future updates will be published and available here.

If you would like to purchase an actual pair of these mitts, there are usually variations on this theme in my shop. If you would like me to make you some special mitts in colours/size/design of your choice, please contact me.

When you have completed your mitts, I would love for you to share photos of them. Please use the hashtag #cerubluFFFmitts or @lisawcerublu on instagram so I can see them too.

Copyright- This pattern is intended for personal use only. In accordance with Australian copyright law, you may not alter, sell or distribute this pattern whole or in part, or sell items made from this pattern.

This is a digital download only. Please note- because of the nature of digital downloads no returns can be offered on this item. However if you have any issues with it, I will do my best to help.

This pattern is also available on my etsy shop.

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