Colourful Monokini- Rainbow Butterfly Garden- Irish Crochet Cotton Swimsuit


Bright, summery and cute- this lacy, slightly cheeky monokini or one piece swimsuit was hand made using Irish crochet techniques. It is sized to fit an Australian/UK 14B/C-18B/C or US 10B/C-14B/C.

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Bright butterflies and Irish roses decorate the front of this beautiful crochet monokini swimsuit in vivid rainbow colours, edged with sky blue. While the style is exotic, it is sized for a real person, with plenty of room for adjustment in the handtwisted ties.

The multicoloured ties, with their teeny tassels, are extra-generous in length, to let the wearer double-bow them for added security while frolicking in the waves.

And speaking of swimming… This is a functional swimsuit which can be confidently worn in the water. It should not fill with water and sag like some can, because it is made from a fine, pure cotton.

That cotton does contain ‘dressing’, (as used in new clothing, like Tshirts) which may make it feel a little stiff until it is washed or taken for a swim. After that, it will be beautifully soft. It is washable and can be ironed, but please do not bleach it.

Irish crochet is a traditional art/craft where motifs are crocheted (in this case, butterflies, flowers leaves and stems), arranged in a pleasing composition, then joined with a lacy, lattice-like ‘fill’- all done freehand, much like modern ‘Freeform’ crochet. No patterns were harmed (or used at all) in the making of this swimsuit. However, I have borrowed/modified new and old Irish crochet motifs (the Irish roses and butterflies), as well as designing my own flowers, stems and leaves. The background ‘fill’ is the same weight, sky blue cotton used in the edging.

This lovely monokini should fit Australian/UK size 14B/C-18B/C, or US size 10B/C-14B/C, with plenty of leeway. The pant coverage is moderate to a little cheeky.

The cups have a drawstring tie threaded through a concealed ‘sleeve’ below the bust, so they can be gathered or stretched out to fit. They can also be slid along the tie, a little closer or wider. The drawstring tie around the torso should help to give a little more support, too- this adjustable cupwidth and tie-sleeve is my own design. It also creates a small, curved ‘cutout’ at the centre front which allows for this adjustment.

Please note: there is some ‘give’ in the crochet fabric, so when stretched (that is, tied in place) most measurements may be a little larger (eg. top of pant at front and back, width and length of cup, length of fancy front pattern piece). I did NOT stretch the fabric when measuring. If you have any questions about size, or would like me to remeasure with stretch, please feel free to send me a convo. I have been conservative in my estimate of sizing.

Approximate measurements for the Butterfly Garden are on one of the photos in this listing and as below;

Width of cup (not gathered)- 18cm/7”

Height of cup- 18cm/7”

Length of fancy front piece (below bust to top of pant)- 28cm/11”

Width of pant front at top- 17cm/7”

Width of pant back at top- 20cm/8”

Length of pant from top of front to top of back- 51cm/20”

Width of pant at narrowest point of crotch- 8cm/3.25”

Length of neck ties without tassel- 82cm/32.5”

Length of tie around body below bust (one long tie threaded through below cups)

without tassels- 183cm/72”

Length of pant ties without tassel- 48cm/19” and 65cm/25” (the shorter ties are at the front)

I use Australia Post and usually send out parcels within 24 hours, except on weekends, because the local post office is closed Saturday and Sunday. Shipping to the US/UK should take about ten days- but unfortunately shipping delays may occur sometimes. If that’s the case, let me know and I can follow up the parcel’s progress from this end and keep buyers informed.

Tracking will be provided to destinations which allow for it, such as Australia, the US and UK.

Australians- I’m presently using express post to get parcels to their destinations as quickly and reliably as possible, with tracking.

If you would like a special swimsuit in the colours and style of your choice, please use the form below to contact me.

This swimsuit is also available on my etsy shop.

Thanks for looking!

Additional information

Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 2 cm

Au/UK 14B/C-18B/C
US 10B/C-14B/C

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