Deluxe pair of matching snoods or neckwarmers for human and greyhound dog


Walk your hound in style and stay snuggly-warm with this pair of matching human and furchild neckwarmers!

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Want to be the envy of the neighbourhood on walks with your furchild? Then this pair of matching parent and four-legged-family-member neckwarmers is just the thing! Snuggly-warm and fluffy, carefully designed to fit and flatter human and hound, these snoods are high quality, one-off, hand crocheted fashion accessories for the discerning dog owner.

Greyhounds are the supermodels of the dog world, so why not treat your four-legged family member to a one-off, well-fitting, soft, light and warm snood or neckwarmer crocheted in exquisite natural and natural-synthetic mix yarns like wool, mohair and alpaca, accented with soft and furry designer, feathers, eyelash and faux fur yarns? And a bonus snood for yourself- they are warm, soft and just perfect for cold, windy days.

The soft blue/purple/beige colour scheme is simple, tasteful and effective- it would look lovely on most hounds, but would be absolutely stunning on a brindle, fawn or blue hound.

The greyhound snood is longer than the human one, because hounds have longer necks, and the snood is long enough to comfortably cover the wither, chest and ears. So the human snood is made from yarns used in the hound neckwarmer, but not all of them, because it isn’t as long.

However, the human snood features a fancy, slightly lacy, lower edging and luxuriant tassels around the lower edge- all made from the same yarns as comprise both snoods.

I have noticed that most greyhound snood patterns are just not quite long enough, and leave a gap at the base of the neck, or their ears cold. This design allows for the snood to be pulled up over the hound’s ears, or folded back at the head, while the careful shaping around the chest and base of the neck lets the snood sit comfortably in place.

I am lucky to have two delightful greyhound girls sharing my life. They both have quite extensive wardrobes, which include various versions of crochet neckwarmers. The design for these has come about through making snoods for my own hounds, and monitoring how they wear and fit. My girls’ neckwarmers, made from similar yarns and fibres, have lasted many years and still look great.

This design is specifically shaped to fit- it is not just a simple flared tube, as are many snoods. The centre of the chest has a V shape, while the back of the neck area is rounded.

The human snood has a V shape at the centre front, top. And a much shallower V at the centre back, top. It is a one size fits most accessory, measuring about 23cm/9” in length and twice that in circumference at its narrowest point (and does stretch a bit, so will fit over a large head).

I find that my dogs’ neckwarmers tend to sort themselves out because of the shaping- even if I’m in a hurry and slip them over their head the wrong way up, this design seems to end up the right way up because of the shaping. (That’s after my girls have tipped themselves upside down a few times and rubbed their snouts on their beds, getting comfy.)

I have photographed this snood on Bonnie to give an idea of size. It was worn by her for a few minutes only for purposes of taking the photographs here. Her neck measures about 35cm/13.5” around, just behind her ears.

There is some leeway in fit- it is small to medium size. It would probably fit a hound with a neck measurement a cm or two larger, but not much. Bonnie weighs about 28-29kg. She is on the small side of average in size. It should fit most small to average sized hounds.

In length, it measures 41cm/16”. The circumference of the head edge is 56cm/22”, while at the chest edge it measures 72cm/28”.

Please note- in winter my hounds sleep in their handknitted pyjamas and crochet neckwarmers, but it is always a good idea with any new hound clothing to keep an eye on them for a bit, to make sure your hound doesn’t decide to nibble on it or pull it over their head or something else typically odd.

This listing is for two items- a human snood and the matching greyhound one. If you would like just one, perhaps in the colours of your choice, please contact me- I’m always delighted to fulfill custom orders.

These snoods were designed and crocheted by myself. No patterns were harmed, or even used in their making.

They are made from an eclectic collection of natural and synthetic fibres including pure Australian wool, mohair and alpaca, along with synthetic eyelash, feathers and faux fur yarns. The softest yarns are used on the top and bottom edges, because I know how my hounds appreciate anything extra-soft and snuggly, but all the yarns in these snoods are beautifully soft. Because some contain wool, they should keep you and your hound warm and comfy, while being light to wear.

They are washable, and with appropriate care, should last years. My dogs are on the fifth winter of some of their crochet wardrobe. So, like any woollen garment, please handwash and rinse them lukewarm water (woolwash is recommended) then roll in a towel to gently squeeze out excess moisture, and dry flat. Please do not bleach, machine wash or tumble dry.

I use Australia Post and usually send out parcels within 24 hours, except on weekends and public holidays, when the post office is closed. Shipping to the US/UK should take about a week to ten days, but unfortunately shipping delays can happen sometimes. If that’s the case, let me know and I can follow up the parcel’s progress from this end and keep buyers informed. Where possible, I’m using express/priority shipping etc. (at no cost to customers) for the most reliable delivery and tracking.

Australians- I’m presently using Express shipping within Australia to do my best to get parcels delivered as fast as possible and provide tracking.

If you like these neckwarmers, but would like it in a different size or colour scheme, please ask me about a custom order by visiting my contact details page or using the form below.

These snoods are also listed in my etsy shop here.

Thanks for looking!

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