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Liddell WORKS Project Crochet Hard Hats- August ’23

So I’ve been happily crocheting away on some of the hats for the Liddell WORKS Project. I started with a few simpler ones to get the shape and design worked out, just basic hard hats in crochet, really. But while I say, “basic”, they’re actually pretty complex with- two “shells”, that is, an inner and […]

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Another week for Wild Windows of Whimsy!

Wild Windows of Whimsy, the window show of my crochet has been extended for another week! That means it will remain available at Gallery on Dowling and cerublu.com.au/wwow until the 11th December. So if you haven’t yet had a chance to see all the fabulous, colourful crochet, you now have another week to check it […]

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