Wild Windows of Whimsy, the window show of my crochet has been extended for another week! That means it will remain available at Gallery on Dowling and cerublu.com.au/wwow until the 11th December. So if you haven’t yet had a chance to see all the fabulous, colourful crochet, you now have another week to check it out.

I’ve had some great feedback from people who have seen the show, and quite a few pieces will be off to new homes. Meanwhile, I’ve been busy as always making new things, which will also join the show, since there’s now more time to display them. Holly Hangon, pictured below, is a new, green tree frog hat who has already hopped into the window to replace her cousin Harriet.

Holly Hangon the green tree frog beanie, holding my spectacles

Holly, a member of the Hangon family, likes to hold stuff in her poseable hands and feet


Wild Windows of Whimsy has been made possible by a microgrant from Arts Upper Hunter.