As part of the Liddell WORKS Project which I’m participating in as an artist in residence, I’ll be teaching workshops at the Create By The Lake event, at Lake Liddell, on the 4th of October, 2023. These workshops are free and they’re open to anyone, including children. There is more info on the Arts Upper Hunter site here. Or phone Marina on 0498 742 731.

I’ll be demonstrating my version of Freeform, one which is light and airy and grows quickly. It also doesn’t require sewing together. I’m not a huge fan of sewing things together, or anything fiddly, really. So this method is straightforward and easy.

The hat (for Liddell WORKS) pictured uses my version of Freeform in the upper section of the outer (high vis yellow) ‘shell’. It is a form of apparently random lacework through which the black base ‘shell’ of the hard hat can be seen. This is the form of Freeform which I’ll be featuring in the workshops.

Hi vis yellow and black crochet hard hat by Lisa Wiseman for Liddell WORKS Project

This hard hat features yellow Freeform lace crochet over a solid black shell and white, feathers yarn harness