Today I picked up the remaining crochet from the Wild Windows of Whimsy show, and posted the last item, which was Go Anna Dragon. The exhibition has been very successful in a few ways- it has gained quite a bit of interest from local people who saw it in Dungog, and provoked quite a few comments while I’ve been in town. It has also been seen by lots of people online, and about half the pieces in the show have now gone to new homes!

Go Anna Dragon, a crochet goanna-relative dragon with poseable legs and wings.

Go Anna Dragon in her natural environment at Main Creek.

It has been such fun, seeing all my colourful, quirky crochet pieces displayed in the window. It has also been great fun seeing and hearing the viewers’ reactions to the work!

If you missed out on seeing the show, I have kept the Wild Windows of Whimsy section in this website for now, so please feel free to have a look.

Of course I’m as busy making new things as ever. At present I’m working on a rainbow octopus hat, who promises to be bright and cheerful. I will be adding him to our shop on this site and etsy (except for the lighted ‘Lightning Night’ stocking cap) in the next few days. And then there’s a variation on a butterfly top, which is in the process of becoming a butterfly monokini…

I would like to thank everyone who has visited, either in person or online, all the people who either have, or are waiting on the post to bring them a new piece of my work, Helene Leane of Gallery on Dowling, my mother Lorraine Wiseman, and of course Arts Upper Hunter, who all made the show possible.

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