It won’t be long now til ‘Wild Windows of Whimsy’, an exhibition of my crochet wearable art opens! A little bit over three weeks as I type this. So much still to get done, and plenty of hats still to make but it’s all happening.

It will be showing at Gallery on Dowling in Dungog, 120 Dowling St, Dungog, and on this website from the 25th November to 5th December, 2022. That’s right, the first night of the show coincides with the Starry Night party on Dowling Street, with shops staying open late. I’m doing a little something special involving some lights, too…

Anyway, I figure that it’s about time for some fun and frivolity, so this show is dedicated to bringing as many smiles to as many faces as possible, by sharing my crochet simultaneously- in actuality and virtuality.

So the works can be viewed in the actual front window of the gallery premises at any time from the street, while the same works are also available to check out online at all times during the exhibition period.

During the show, a QR code placed in the gallery window (and other locations) will link to the exhibition page on this website, with supporting information and a catalog of the works.

Sid the Squid, crochet hat and luggage

Sid is a very special squid! He can hold items for his wearer- in his body and inside his tentacles and arms

All the works are typically colourful, complex and a little quirky. I’m busily making new things, and adding some new designs, like Sid the Squid, who is also currently entered in the Virtual Agricultural Show being run by the Bendigo Woollen Mills.

There will be critter hats- ‘handy’ animal-shaped hats, some of which also carry things for their wearers- including frogs, dragons, dinosaurs, squids, octopuses and fish. I’ve also obtained some of the exquisite Darkside Crochet, hand painted, holographic safety eyes, which look fantastic on some of the critters! These eyes just bring another dimension to the critters.

There will be a variety of horned hats- viking hats, imp hats and devilish beanies. Also traditional categories, treated in an unconventional way- like long-tailed stocking caps, ear flap hats, kitty hats, tams, crop tops, swimsuits, fingerless mittens and toppers. Wild, tousled, retro mullet wigs will definitely stand out. Eyeballs abound- anti-magpie headgear and eyeball beanies with huge, boggly, crocheted eyes on poseable stalks.

Naturally, my trademark traditional-description-defying, multi-function garments and accessories such as scoods and scarts will make appearances as well.

The Sunburst Scood

Back view showcasing the spectacular tapestry work crochet design of the scood

This promises to be one exceptionally vivid and crowded gallery window! But all the works will have supplementary info here, including titles, inspirations, fibre content, sizes and colour schemes.

The works will all be available for sale from;
the Cerublu website shop
our etsy shop
Cerublu Studio on facebook’s shop and of course, in reality, by contacting me in person, by phone or email.

Meanwhile, I should get back to my crocheting! So many things to make, and the clock is ticking…