Well, despite all the wet weather, we haven’t floated off down the creek just yet. We’re still here and still making things, but it’s been a while, so I’m busily working away at updating our shop, adding some new features and of course new items. Like Lorraine’s beautiful Golden Garden lap quilt (below) or my personal favourite, pose-able critter hats that hold Stuff for their wearers.

Meanwhile, if you just can’t wait for me to get the updates done, our etsy shop is still up and running at cerublu.etsy.com. It shouldn’t take more than another day or so to finish revamping the shop here at cerublu.com.au, so expect it to be restocked and running properly again by the third of May.

I’ve uploaded nearly forty items so far and am deep in the process of adding photos and tidying the listings, so if you find anything odd, please bear with me, and if you want to query anything, you are welcome to contact us. I’m presently deleting any duplications and revising prices, after a little international currency calculation glitch threw them into chaos. Once that’s sorted, I have some exciting news about Friday the thirteenth of May and the Knitters’ Picnic in Dungog…


Golden Garden crochet lap quilt

The Golden Garden lap quilt, a closeup showing some of the intricate details in the 3D crochet stitches.