That title’s quite the tongue-twister, but it is certainly apt. “Wild Windows of Whimsy” is the name of an upcoming exhibition by Lisa Wiseman. So yes- here is the big announcement… From 25 November to 5th December, 2022, Lisa’s colourful crochet headgear, garments and accessories will be on show in the front window of Gallery on Dowling, 120 Dowling St Dungog, and online.

The Sunburst Scood

One of Lisa’s recent pieces, intended to be shown in the upcoming exhibition

After the pandemic-pandemonium, and seemingly-endless wet weather and floods, some fun is definitely in order, and that’s what this exhibition is all about. And just in case something crops up to cramp the style of the show, Lisa has planned for it to be able to be viewed without visitors having to enter the gallery. That’s why all the pieces are going to be displayed in the front window.

But wait, I hear you say… “Window-S?”. Windows, plural, because not only will the show be available to be viewed by people in Dungog, it will also be accessible online. All the items which are physically on show in the Gallery on Dowling window will also be on show and available to purchase from our shop pages.

To provide more info on the items on show, the bricks-and-mortar gallery window will display a QR code which links to information online about the items, their inspirations and their maker, and that info can also be accessed by viewers online. So the actual gallery window show will be supplemented and mirrored by the “windows” of our website. Hence the plural “windows” in the title.

Because the show is physically situated in the window of Gallery on Dowling, and available online, it can be accessed 24 hours per day, every day from 25 November to 5 December.

Incidentally, if you’re thinking of coming to Dungog to see the show in person, there are plenty of things on then. The Dungog District Chamber of Commerce is holding their Starry Night promotion on Friday 25 November. The Dungog Farmers Market is on most Saturday mornings (with fabulous, fresh, local produce). The Dungog Anglican Church Markets and their op shop are open on the first Saturday of each month- in December, that will be the 5th.

Thanks to Arts Upper Hunter, Wild Windows of Whimsy is being funded by one of their microgrants.

We’ll be adding more information and links to this site, our Facebook page and Instagram @lisawcerublu, as Lisa prepares for Wild Windows of Whimsy.

This will be fun!

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