So we’re branching out, starting to write and offer patterns. The first, these well-fitting, crocheted fingerless mittens are Lisa’s design. They’re available in our etsy shop and should soon also be available here and on ravelry.

Below is what the mitts look like in orange, burgundy, purple and black. They can be made for men or women, depending on the colours/weight of yarn/hook size and so on. The pattern can also easily be adapted to make them longer, shorter, larger, smaller, (the original pattern is a size 9 Australian, which is medium-large), fancier, plainer… you get the idea. There are suggestions included in the pattern for all those things and more. As well as instructions for fancy 3D stitches and colourwork. For that reason, we’re suggesting that the original, unmodified version (as seen below) is suitable for intermediate crocheters.

If that sounds a bit daunting, it’s also possible to simplify your version so it’s easy to crochet. Yes, there are suggestions for that too. And of course there are photos of different colours and variations, details, colourwork, fancy stitches and so on.

The best part about these mitts is that they are carefully shaped to fit the wearers’ hands and arms, so they stay in place. Unlike most fingerless mitts or armwarmers, these are much more than simple tubes with holes for the thumbs- they feature tapering thumb ‘sleeves’, a narrowing at the wrist, and increasing where most needed, such as in the area of the forearm muscles and on the thumb side of the hand.

There are multicoloured 3D bobbles across the knuckles. These add a little extra ‘give’ for moving the fingers, but they’re also handy padding in the event that you need to punch something…! The wrist section is accented by bold ‘bracelets’ of berry stitch and more bobbles.

And yes… that IS eyelash yarn, the Bane of Most Crocheters’ Existence. There are notes on how to work in fuzzy yarns, to help you conquer That Stuff with confidence. And if you simply choose to stay well away from fluffy yarns, alternatives are suggested.

Typically, if we’re going to do something, we’ll do it thoroughly- the pattern is available in both UK and US terminology.

We’ve tested this pattern very thoroughly, but in the event of any revisions or additions to the pattern, first the pdf file will be modified, then we’ll add a note here.

The Triple F Fingerless Mittens pattern is a digital download in .pdf format, intended for you to make your own mitts. If you do, we’d love to see them! Please comment here, use the hashtag #cerubluFFFmitts, drop into Cerublu’s Facebook page or @lisawcerublu on Instagram.

I you would rather Lisa did the crocheting for you, both the pink and the burgundy mitts pictured here will be available soon, or ask Lisa to design and make a special pair just for you!


Triple F FIngerless Mittens

These crochet mitts are fun, functional and fit!