It has been a while, but Lisa is busy making up for lost time, adding new items handmade by herself and Lorraine to our shop! At present, she is adding new crochet items and face masks, but of course there will be more and different work…

Crochet hats; stocking caps, scarts, scoods, viking hats, frog and dino hats, all of our favourite shapes.
Triple layered, washable, reuseable face masks- handpainted or specially selected prints.

Obviously, this all takes time, and we have many, many things to add, so it will be a gradual process, with new things popping up every evening.

Meanwhile, our Cerublu etsy shop has quite a few pieces. Please note- prices here are usually better than on our etsy shop, as we don’t have to pay commission, list prices in US dollars, which then get converted to Australian corrency by the site, or, most importantly, offer etsy’s stupid and annoying ‘one size fits the whole world’ free shipping policy. If you do see an item you like there, feel free to drop us a line and we can list it here for you, with sensible shipping costs and price.

So many cool things to add, so many fabulous colours and wearable art pieces- better get on with it!

The Redless Rainbow- front view

Front view of the Redless Rainbow, showing the long, ovoided tail, bright colours and bold tapestry crochet motifs.