"The Shouter" Face Mask

Fun and functional, well fitting triple-layered handpainted face mask.

It seems that everyone who has access to a sewing machine these days is making masks. Well, so are we!

But these are no boring, run-of-the-mill masks. They are handpainted originals by Lisa featuring quirky, amusing features like moustaches and diamond-studded gold teeth.

Since Lorraine made them, they are beautifully crafted to fit and function very well indeed- she has used all the tricks in her considerable repertoire to ensure that they are comfortable. And of course the fabric and thickness is important- they are triple-layered, high quality 100% cotton, with the internal layer (next to the wearer’s face) of soft, cotton knit. The elastic is also very soft.

These masks would make fantastic and definitively unique and useful gifts, or treat yourself and brighten your day with the reactions of passersby! For the less adventurous, there are also a few masks made by Lorraine from beautiful print fabrics like limited edition Laurel Burch ponies.

Gold Grill Face Mask

Extra large, handmade and handpainted face mask with diamond-studded, gold grill.

They are available now in our shop on this site. We are always delighted to make custom orders for our customers, so if you have an idea for a special face mask which you would like us to make real, please contact us or use the form below.

Please note: these are not medical grade masks.